Will you be my kind of mother?

Will you be the kind of mother that allows her girl child come home past midnight,

Dropped off by an ‘insane’ boy, who reeks of alcohol, 

Likely the smallest of his vices that night?


Will you be the type that lies on behalf of your daughter to her father,

Corroborating her pseudo story about the need to buy science practical materials

When you know it’s just to meet her insatiable financial needs?


Will you be the kind that shy away from sex education

Even though you caught your underage child in the middle of the night watching an x-rated movie,

The scene you saw explainable only by the words ‘illicit sex’?


Will you turn deaf ears to the ‘nosy’ neighbors

when they tell you they saw your daughter with ‘something like’ cigarette

but definitely ‘smells’ like ‘something worse’.

Will you tell them to mind their business and tend to their own family


Will you act blind to the half nude dresses she wears,

Casting her pearls before swine,

All in the name of ‘fashion trend’ and say to her father

                               “let her live a little,you’re old school?”


Will you watch her grades plummet

Blaming it on the teachers and everyone else but herself

Even when you know she never studies?


I bet you won’t…


Yet you’re this kind of daughter…


…The end




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