Two strangers 

Like music to a broken heart, Like food to a hungry belly, You came into my life, And smile filled my once straight face, Her name, ‘U&Me’, My name, ‘Love U&Me’, Once wondered how people fall in love, Now I ask how they fall out of it, Some friends say she’s too good for me, She has it all and you have nothing’, I smile and say, ‘Why judge a person by the clothes that they wear?’, Some say she’s too bad for me, Different religion, Different language, I frown and say, ‘Why judge a culture by the things that you hear?’, She makes me want to try out the love thing, She says love is good for me, I make her want to try out the love thing, I say ‘love is good for you’, After all is said and done, We’re just two strangers who want the same thing, […]

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