This thing I have,

It’s a knowing,not a bling-bling,


A knowing your son died for me,

A knowing your spirit lives in me,


A knowing you know me by name,

A knowing I can call you ‘Abba’,


A knowing you’re 1 yet 3,

Father,Savior and Friend,


A knowing i’m 3-in-1,

Son,King and Priest,


A knowing you’ve loved with an everlasting  love,

A knowing I can run to you and you won’t turn me back,


A knowing you have plans for me,

Plans bigger than my mind can ever conceive,


A knowing that I’m a god,

A knowing I can do all things,


A knowing that when I’m weak, then you’re strong,

Your strength is made perfect in my weakness,


A knowing I can face tomorrow,

Cos I have a piece of you,


Jesus piece,


Not hung on my neck, but on the cross,


This thing we have…


It’s a knowing not a feeling.

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  • Ayodeji Ajayi

    Jesus Piece. Wow! It is a divine knowledge. I love this. More inspiration brov. Bless

    • Olumide Olawale

      Thanks a lot Ayodeji…!!!

  • Seye Babalola

    …a knowing my son ship can never be revoked.
    Lovely piece.